How to Save Pittsburgh From Another Horrible Season

I don’t have a very high opinion of last year. 11-5, loss in conference championship, not my idea of a great year. The Steelers had the foundation for a good year, but didn’t capitalize when needed. If the Steelers are ever going to win it all again (last time was 2008-09), this is the year. Pittsburgh has the easiest schedule I’ve seen. The Steelers can win against every team in the league, but when you give them a bunch of teams they can clobber, that’s when you know it’s going to be a great year. Here’s the plan to have a good year.

Sign Darrelle Revis.

Play Revis in preseason.

Watch him play, and then see if he can make the cut.

I’m pretty sure that Revis can make the cut. If so, trade Ross Cockrell, a 2nd round pick for 2018, and a 3rd round pick for 2019, to the Jaguars for Barry Church and a fourth round pick for 2018.

I’m sorry guys, but I’m stuck on this player. Bishard Baker. If you read the sports debate you will be well aware of this player’s existence. Trade a 1st round pick for 2019 and a 3rd round pick for 2018 to the Cardinals for Bishard Baker, a 2nd round pick for 2018 and a fifth round pick for 2018. If I sound worse than his agent, that’s because I probably am. Bishard Baker was my favorite player going into the draft.

Now we’re creating a dream team. With Mike Mitchell at FS, Barry Church at SS, Bishard Baker and Sean Davis at the flex, and Darrelle Revis and Artie Burns at CB, nobody will beat us (the Steelers).

Mike Tomlin knows that the Steelers need to run more man coverage, so Artie Burns and Darrelle Revis would be the main man coverage guys.

Now the offseason comes to a close. It’s time for preseason. The Steelers have been known to do terrible in preseason. But this year I’m pretty confident in our backups.

Preseason is over. Time for the regular season. Week 1, at Browns. How to Win at Browns. That’s pretty simple. Give Le’Veon Bell at least 20 carries and Martavis Bryant at least 10 targets. Blitz the QB on almost every play (whoever he may be).

Let’s jump to week 15. Steelers VS Patriots. The Steelers need to intercept Tom Brady. As all of you probably know in the Mike Tomlin era the Steelers haven’t caught an interception on Tom Brady. That needs to change, you can’t beat the Pats without even knowing how to catch an interception.

I’d say, with the 27th hardest schedule the Steelers have a good chance at going at least 12-4.