Rangers Unfairly Loose Game On Poor Referee Calls

The New York Rangers lost a crucial Game 5 on Saturday night due to a controversial call. The Rangers had a 4-3 lead until Derrick Bressard scored the game tieing goal with less than a minute and a half for the Ottawa Senators to bring the game into overtime. On that play, Kyle Turris, a Senator player, pushed up against Marc Staal, shoving Staal to the ice. One of the reasons that the Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, could not get to the puck was that Staal was in the way. The referee should have penalized Turris with a two minute minor interference. Instead of the penalty, the game went to overtime where another poor call took place. In overtime, Michael Grabner scored what should have been the game winning sudden death goal. However, the goal was waved off because it was ruled to have been played with a high stick. Grabner did not play the puck with a high stick. He scored the game winning goal. Grabner’s stick did not touch the puck until after it was below the crossbar of the goal. The play was upheld after review. Kyle Turris would go on to score the game winner for the Senators. The game should be decided by the performance of the players, not the call of the referees. Craig Anderson, the Seanators goaltender, had hardly any chance of stopping the puck. The Rangers were robbed of the game by the referee. The Rangers must now win two games in a row to advance to the next round.


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