Penguins-Capitals Prediction

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals begin their Stanley Cup Playoff Series tonight. This series could possibly be the most exiting. In this series, two of the NHL’s best leaders and scorers face off. Sidney Crosby, two time Stanley Cup Champion, future NHL Hall of Famer, and Penguins captain, will take on Alexander Ovechkin, the captain of the NHL’s best team this year The Washington Capitals.

Here is my prediction

Game 1- Penguins 5 Capitals 2
Both of these teams have shown they can score and smash the other team. The Penguins I believe will start out strong and take Game 1 in Washington.

Game 2- Capitals 6 Penguins 1
The Capitals will not let the Penguins win both opening games in Washington. I believe that the Capitals will respond to being defeated with a smashing defeat of the Penguins.

Game 3- Penguins 4 Capitals 0
The reigning Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, are not going to let the Capitals come to Pittsburgh and win in Game 3. I think that Game 3 will be the series’ first shutout.

Game 4- Penguins 3 Capitals 2
I think the Penguins will win both games in Pittsburgh. The Penguins need to defend home ice in order to defeat this year’s President Trophy winning Capitals. In this game, I think that the Penguins will find themselves down 2-0 with less than five minutes left in the game. Sidney Crosby will score two goals late in the last period of the game two bring it into overtime. In overtime, Crosby will finish off his heroism by scoring the sudden death goal to defeat the Capitals.

Game 5- Capitals 5 Penguins 3
The Capitals down 3-1 in the series would be facing elimination. The desperate Capitals know the need the win to stay alive. I think that this is a win for the Capitals.

Game 6- Penguins 7 Capitals 4
The Penguins know that this is their best chance to win the series. If they cannot win it here, they would have to go back to Washington in attempt to hold off the Capitals. The Capitals would then have a two game winning streak going into Game 7. I think the Penguins play their hardest here and win.

I think that the Penguins win the series 4-2.


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