New Orleans Saints Could Get At Least Five Other Quarterbacks Better Than Manziel

I was very surprised when I saw that Sean Payton might be thinking of bringing in Johnny Manziel. That does not make any sense. Manziel is a very inconsistent quarterback. He is in no way like Drew Brees. Manziel cannot carry a team by himself. I do not understand why no one took Tim Tebow, who is currently playing baseball in the A minor league, when he was available. I think there are at least five other options for the Saints at QB after Brees.

1. Trevor Knight-Knight has proven to be a very strong and capable quarterback. His throwing mechanics are much like Brees. Knight was able to take the Oklahoma Sooners up against the Alabama Crimson Tide, and win. In addition to strong arm and leadership, Knight also has a very strong rushing attack. He was the fastest quarterback at the NFL Scouting Combine this year in the 40 yard dash. He also led all quarterbacks in several other drills at the Combine. Trevor Knight is surprising not predicted to go in the first round, meaning the Saints could easily pick up their future quarterback with the thirty-second pick from the Patriots.

2.Nick Foles-Foles has also proven he can throw the ball consistently. He, tied with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and others, has thrown seven touchdowns in one game, the record most in a game. Foles is also a decent leader. Nick Foles like Knight, is also still young and easy for the Saints to get. He is currently under contract with The Philadelphia Eagles. However, he has been swapping teams lately and it should not be a problem for the Saints to pick him up.

3. Robert Griffin III

4. AJ Mccarron

5. Deshaun Watson

All three of these quarterbacks are stronger and consistent. Robert Griffin III has a few years of experience in the league. He is a decent passer with a running attack. AJ Mccarron is a strong leader and passer. He played really well against the Steelers in the playoffs a year ago. He helped lead Alabama to three BCS National Championships. DeShaun Watson is an excellent passer with superb accuracy. He played amazingly versus Alabama in this year’s College Football Playoff Championship. All three of these quarterbacks, like Knight and Foles, are very cheap. Robert Griffin III is currently a free agent. AJ Mccarron is the backup for the Bengals. DeShaun Watson can easily be selected by the Saints with the eleventh overall draft pick.

The Saints off-season started out excellent with the signing of Ted Ginn and AJ Klein. While they have signed two good linebackers in Alex Okafor and Manti Te’o, the offseason was totally messed up when the Saints traded away star receiver Brandon Cooks. The Saints hardly got anything out of that trade. The only way I would say that they might have won the trade is if with that pick, they draft Trevor Knight. Otherwise, the Saints once again made another big offseason mistake. During the offseason, the Saints have lost key player such as: Lance Moore, Darren Sproles, Reggie Bush, Malcolm Jenkins, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, and many other key player. This season is probably both Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis’ last chance to return to the playoffs. If they cannot do not that, it is time to find a new coach and general manager.