Steelers Predictions: Steelers Trade With Browns for first pick.


I predict the Steelers trade next year’s draft, Maurkice Pouncey and Willam Gay for the Browns two first round picks (note that any compensatory picks given to the Steelers for next year’s draft are not included in the trade). But this year the Steelers will have at least three first round picks. The Steelers will have four if the trade I predicted with the Saints works out. If both these trades happen then this gives me an opportunity to make this mock draft:

First round, pick 1: Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M

First round, pick 11: Bishard Baker S Washington

First round, pick 12: Jabrill Peppers S/LB Michigan

First round, pick 30: Haasan Reddick LB Temple

Second round, pick 30: Isaiah Ford WR Virginia Tech

Third round, pick 30: Jerod Evans QB Virginia Tech

Here’s how the fourth round will shape up for the Steelers after trades. After drafting Jerod Evans, it’s obvious the Steelers don’t need Landry Jones. However, the Niners do. So, that means that the Steelers might trade him. A reasonable trade would be trading Landry Jones for the 49ers fourth round pick. I would say to trade with the Browns, but we’ve worked with them enough, besides the fact that they might want some of there draft picks this year. So with that trade comes more of my mock draft.

Fourth round, pick 2: Jaleel Johnson DT Iowa

Fourth round, pick 30: Sidney Jones

The Steelers will not have their fifth round pick, those will be traded for Richard Rodgers. The Steelers should also trade Ladarius Green for the patriots first round pick and seventh round pick next draft (note that this pick is not included in the trade with the Browns).

Sixth round, pick 30: Heath Wilson Edge Pitt State

Now for the seventh round. Well, I think what the Steelers need is a CB so if they can send this package to the Pats that would be good: a seventh round pick (30), Ross Cockrell, and Johnny Maxey for Malcolm Butler. Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading this article.