Steelers Prediction: Steelers Trade For Saints First Round Pick.

I have watched many Steelers Games, and looked at the latest mock drafts. With Bishard Baker being predicted to be drafted at number 18(or possibly 17), I think they should trade up to secure drafting Baker. This trade will be very successful for the Steelers because now they can use their late first round pick to draft Haasan Redick. The trade between the Steelers and Saints is: The Steelers OLB Bud Dupree and a third round compensatory pick for the Saints first round pick (11th). The Saints need Defensive help, and building a Defense starts at pressuring the QB. Bud Dupree is good for pressuring the QB and for playing Edge Rush against the RB. With the compensatory pick the Saints can draft a CB. The Steelers are a SS away from the Super Bowl (though Baker plays FS the can work something out where one of them plays SS). But the Steelers need to draft Haasan Redick with there second first round pick, because of the absence of Bud Dupree.
Photo Credit: “STEELERS 2016” (Public Domain) by pitt6rngs


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