Why Passing on Bishard Baker Would Be The Worst Possible Decision For The Steelers.

Baker is definitely the best safety, and to me the best player in the draft. So why wouldn’t another team draft Baker before the Steelers pick? Some teams’ moves seem weird. Except for the Seahawks and a few others, some teams that pick before the Steelers appear to be acting very strange. Take for instance the Panthers, Cam Newton ran for 500 or more yards in each of his first five season. In 2015 the Panthers go 15-1 and make the Super Bowl, but they lose. Overall it’s been a good year. Cam Newton ran for 10 touchdowns and threw for 35 touchdowns in the season. In the Conference Championship vs the Cardinals Newton throws 2 touchdowns and runs for 2 touchdowns. Next season, Newton gets hit to much in the first few games and gets injured. He’s still playing but he’s getting hit while throwing. Suddenly, Head Coach Ron Rivera has made a decision. Is it change the lineman? No, it’s limiting Cam Newton’s running. The QB who ran for 10 touchdowns the year before was being made into a pocket passer. That year Newton ran for only 359 yards. And can you guess what there record was? The team who the year before went 15-1 was now 6-10. Now what are the chances that Rivera will see the true amount of talent that Baker has if he can’t realize that, in Cam Newton, he has a number one QB and a number two Running Back in his hands that he’s not using.

Oh, by the way the Seahawks obviously don’t need a safety. Now getting back to somewhat weird moves, the actions of the 49ers also seem strange for many reasons. But behind everything bad they did that year it’s all because of Chip Kelley. They hired Chip and he just let them get away with anything. Behind everything from pulling Blaine and Colin’s protest is Chip, why because he let them get away with anything. If Jim Harbaugh would’ve stayed, Colin wouldn’t have gotten away with protests.

Moving on to the Browns. There’s to many not that obviously great moves to list, but I’ll try to keep it simple. With the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Johnny Manziel. There we go, we just got started and we have a very seemingly strange pick that at the time seemed good. Why was it a bad pick? He’s talented and a Texas A&M star forever. He’s a Heisman and great at running and good at passing. Well, the  Browns released Manziel which means they burned a first round pick. The Browns also fired there coach and hired a Coach who doesn’t have a winning attitude . He has a mediocre spirit in the desire for a average record, which they didn’t achieve. They didn’t achieve it because the didn’t have great players, but the main problem was they weren’t fighting for the Super Bowl, they just wanted an okay year. To win you have to put all yourself into the game, and the Browns Coach really didn’t seem to expect them to. By the way the Browns, as you probably know, went 1-15 and are the worst in the League. Oh by the way, Manziel hated to lose, but whats the real point in mentioning it because they released him.

Well, the Bills don’t even have a Coach. They could use a QB like Deshaun Watson (no offense Tyrod). The Bears need a DL more than Safety.

What about the Saints? Well, even if the trade that I published earlier (Steelers OLB Bud Dupree and a third round compensatory for Saints first round pick) never happens, the Saints still need a OLB. The Saints also probably think Baker will not meet there exceptions (as they told Reggie Bush because he could win games and the Saints weren’t expecting that), but with the Saints comes the same problem the Browns have. They aren’t angry after they lose because they fought well, with that attitude they’ll never win the Super Bowl again, not to say they don’t want to, but they certainly don’t want to as much as the Patriots and teams like them. The Packers don’t need a Safety. With the Texans, they need a DL in case the great Watt gets injured again and retires (they could also use a QB).

With the Eagles, they were 3-0 and finished 7-9. If they want a better team how about getting an every down Running Back. Titans need a WR and a Edge Rusher. Any other teams with there Coaching staffs probably won’t realize the talent of Bishard Baker.


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