Who Is Most Likely To Go To Super Bowl XII (NFC Edition)

Note- this article will be updated with a more complete analysis of all 32 NFL teams

NFC- The NFC has a lot of teams that could be potential contenders. The team that is most likely is probably the Packers or Cowboys. However, teams such as the Seahawks, Saints, or Giants could also have a good chance.

Packers-The Packers have shown to be a very powerful team. Green Bay was only one game away from the big game last year. Aaron Rodgers has amazing accuracy and distance on his passes. The Packer defense led by Clay Matthews is pretty good. The Packers main problem might be the running back position. Eddie Lacy, the Packers starting back, went down injured last year. After Lacy’s injury, the Packers struggled to find a running back to fit the system. Ty Montgomery stepped up at the position and did a nice job at the end of the year, but the Packers need consistency at running back. The return of Eddie Lacy should solve there problems. The Packers could also look into top free agents Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. The Packers should also look for a replacement for full back John Kuhn.

Cowboys-The Dallas Cowboys built a great team last year. Dak Presscot and Ezekiel Elliot in only there first season in the NFL proved to be great team leaders. The Cowboys can easily make it back to the playoffs, they just have to find away to get to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys might just want a slight upgrade on the defense. Maybe they should get another line back to pressure quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, who they lost to in the playoffs, into throwing interceptions.

Seahawks-The Seahawks have a strong team. Russell Wilson is a great quarterback and team leader. Tight end Jimmy Graham can make almost any catch. He got two one handed touchdowns in a game this year. The Seahawks defense is still very strong also. There rushing attack for the most part is good. Like the Packers, they should also look into running backs Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. The Seahawks do not need another receiver for Russell Wilson. They just need to target Jimmy Graham more.

Saints-The Saints have arguably the best offense in the league. Drew Brees is coming off another league leading season and Pro Bowl year. Michael Thomas and Brandon Cooks put up 1000+ receiving yards each this year. Mark Ingram also had a big ear running for slightly over 1000 yards. New Orleans is only the second team to have a quarterback pass for 5000+ yards, two receivers with 1000+ receiving yards, and a running back with 1000+ running yards. The Saints defense has improved significantly over this year under Dennis Allen. The main problem with the defense is that the players are constantly changing. The Saints defensive unit has to be able to stick together and form a team. The Saints also have to have a very strong line to protect Brees. Max Unger and Andrus Peat were very strong last year. However, the Saints could use more linemen. The Atlanta Falcons line could be the answer. Atlanta’s line gave Matt Ryan plenty of time to throw against the Patriot’s defense, the league’s highest ranking defense. The Saints could trade for the whole line by giving the Falcons draft picks. New Orleans should trade 19 draft picks ( 6 picks this draft and 7 picks in each of the next two drafts) to Atlanta for the entire line and RB Davonta Freeman. Freeman has shown to be very explosive. He definitely be able to help the Saints already good running game. With the remaining pick in this draft, the Saints should pick up an edge rusher. With Drew Brees leading the Saints, the Saints have just as good a chance at another Super Bowl as the Patriots.

Giants-The Giants have many great players as well. Eli Manning also is a very good quarterback and team leader. Odell Beckham is just plain AMAZING. They should try to establish a better running game to help out Eli Manning. Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson could be the answer. They could also draft a running back. If Eli Manning can lead the Giants to a Super Bowl win over Tom Brady and the Patriots twice, they can easily be a contender for Super Bowl LII.